2SLGBTQ+ Pride should be celebrated all year because it is a celebration of the diversity and individuality of the 2SLGBTQ+community. It is a reminder of the progress that has been made towards acceptance and equality, and a call to action for continued progress.

Additionally, Pride is not just about one month or one event, but about everyday visibility and representation for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals, who should be able to live their lives authentically and without fear of discrimination any day of the year. Celebrating Pride all year long helps to create a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone.

Celebrating Pride can benefit the City of Edmonton, Alberta in several ways. First, it can promote acceptance and inclusion for the 2SLGBTQ+ community, which can lead to a more diverse and equitable society. It can also boost the local economy through tourism and increased business for local businesses that participate in or sponsor the events.

It can also raise awareness about 2SLGBTQ+ issues and promote education and understanding about the community. Overall, celebrating Pride can have a positive impact on both the community and the City as a whole.