Comité FrancoQueer de l’Ouest

The Comité FrancoQueer de l’Ouest offers a host of workshops and services to students, school staff and various community institutions and Francophone businesses in Western Canada.

Our vision
FrancoQueers proudly affirm their intersectional identity, and are welcomed, accepted and feel safe in all areas of their lives.

Our mission
The mission of the Comité FrancoQueer de l’Ouest is to lead the dialogue on the issues of sexual and gender diversity in order to raise awareness in Francophone minority communities of 2SLGBTQIA+ identities.

Our mandate
​Comité FrancoQueer de l’Ouest is the 2SLGBTQIA+ related resource for French-speaking people in minority communities in Alberta and Western Canada.

  • Western FrancoQueer Committee
  • 1-587 589-9938
  • 8627 Marie-Anne-Gaboury Street, Suite 306, Edmonton, Alberta, T6C 3N1, Canada

Comité FrancoQueer

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