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Pride Corner on Whyte is a grassroots collective within the LGBTQ+ community striving to make Whyte Avenue and 104th street/Gateway Blvd ‘hate free’.

We are a group of queers and allies who meet every Friday evening in #yeg to drown out hateful Christian street preachers with music and dancing❤️????

The Pride Corner on Whyte team shows up every Friday to protest the street preachers, and support the young people who count on Pride Corner as a source of safety, friendship and acceptance. And Founder Claire Pearen’s determination to fight for the dignity of queer youth remains. “If there’s just one kid that walks by and sees a rainbow or hears a word of encouragement or sees another kid that they could relate to, rather than a homophobic message and a preacher telling them that they’re going to die, then that’s all that matters. That’s all that matters. ”


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