What is RARICANow
It was founded in 2017 to address the current issues in the queer community that are left untouched and ignored, with the hopes that one day all will be well preaching to the world that every single life matter regardless of the differences.

The mission of The RARICANow The Reason of Hope is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and HIV communities by providing activities, programs and services that create community. Empower community members; provide essential resources; advocate for civil and human rights; and embrace, promote and support our cultural diversity.

Our Vision
We promotes the community issues, challenges and successes while focusing on being part of a society that rectify the black 2SLGBTQ+ Refugees and Newcomers community struggles through social, economic and cultural means. The organization Vision is to live in a world where all LGBTQ2S+ individuals have support, feel safe, empowered and dignified.


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